Na jaane kyun Strings chords : Spiderman

Chords for Na jaane kyun.
with Bar Form, each bar means one complete beat will be played at that particular chord/chords.

|G| |Bm| |Em| |C|

|G| |Bm| |Em| |C|
|D| | |D| |C| |C|
} x2

Intro played.

|D| |D| |C| |C|
|D| |D| |G| |G|
|Em| |Em| |D| |D|
|Am| |C| |G| |G|
|Em| |Em| |D| |D|
|Am| |C| |G| |G|
|D| |D| |D| |D|

Play these with Bossanova beat (which is same as dooba dooba, O Sanam lucky Ali...)
try these chords, any suggestion and correction are most welcome.

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