For the guitar beginners

Guitar having six strings,

if we play strings without closing or pressing, following notes will be sounded.
rectangular vertical boxes called frets.

6th - top string - E (E note sound will come if we play it open)
5th - 2nd top string - A
4th - 3rd from top - D
3rd - 3rd from down - G
2nd - 2nd from down - B
1st - 1st down string - E

in tabs diagram we see, those like fig A, fig B
the number represented the fret where we need to press string in any corresponding string. Direction from left to right in the tab diagram shows the flow of notes, (or the sequence of flow).

For below diagram, we have to start from 6rh string(bcoz, leftmost fret no. is there in 6th one only),
play 1st fret at 6th (topmost thik string)
then 2nd fret at 5th
then 3rd fret at 4th
then 3rd fret at 3rd
then 2nd fret at 2nd
and at last 1st fret at bottom string.

6 ----1
5 ------2
4 --------3
3 ---------3
2 -----------2
1 -------------1
(fig A)

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