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Friday, February 22, 2008

Ab tere bin: Ashiqui

Singer: Kumar Sanu
Film: ashiqui

Ab tere bin ji lenge ham
Zahar zindagi kaa pi lenge ham
Kyaa huaa jo ek dil tuut gayaa
Kyaa huaa jo ek dil tuut gayaa

Ab tere bin ji lenge ham
Zahar zindagi ka pii lenge ham

Teri aashiqi bhi ye kyaa rang lai
Vafaa maine kii tuune kii bevafaai
Meri bhuul thii main ye kyaa chahataa thaa
Kisii bevafaa se vafaa chahataa thaa
Tu jane kyaa beqaraarii
Bedard, bemuravvat
Jaa sangadil hasinaa
Dekhii teri muhabbat
Ab maine jaanaa tujhako beraham

Ab tere bin ji lenge ham
Zahar zindagi ka pii lenge ham

(rest is as above para)

Sanam toD detaa muhabbat ke vaade
Agar jaan jaataa main tere iraade
Kise mainne chaaha
KahaaN dil lagaayaa
Main naadaan thaa kuchh samajh hii na paayaa
Mere aaNsuon ke motii
AaNkhon se bahataa paanii
Mere tuute dil ke TukaDe
Tere pyaar kii nishanii
Kaise main bhuluungaa tere sitam

Ab tere bin ji lenge ham
Zahar zindagi kaa pii lenge ham
Kyaa huaa jo ek dil tuut gayaa
Ab tere bin ji lenge ham
Zahar zindagi ka pii lenge ham
Ji lenge ham

Rock...Please make ur comments and share chords to make better...


Anonymous said...

Thanks. That sounds great. Can you suggest the strumming pattern for this song?

iNdiaAn GuiTArist said...

hi dear....
strumming pattern should b kaharwa(taal) or a rhythm with 8 counts strumming....similar to song pal pal dil k pas...try this..
my suggestion listening is the best way to get the strumming pattern.....

Anonymous said...

thanks mate! so simple to play yet so beautiful!

iNdiaAn GuiTArist said...

thanks guys...thanks for ur support....keep on visiting.

The Writer Inside a Fighter said...

Hi am a beginner and thanx a million for the chords,i am already rocking !...
U rock bro! thanx for the Chords once again

Suchetan said...

These chords are not correct.I have been playing this song for quite a few years and these are not the chords

iNdiaAn GuiTArist said...

Dear suchetan,
First of all thanks for leting us know. i dint play this song much. submitted these chords long then watever i feel correct.

Could you please tell the correct chords?

Thanks again...