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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Major scale pattern 1

A typical major scale can be played from various pattern on a guitar. In guitar very popular 5 patterns are there to play major scale.
Here we present the major scale pattern one. See the pattern image, string order are from 1st to 6th from top to bottom.

This pattern start from 6th string orange node, orange nodes depicts the root node for the major scale.
It is a very common scale pattern, we can generate various other scales from this.
One should keep practising over the fretboard daily after chromatic scale. Any lead or song will be easy to play after practicised it more.

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Chords for jee le zara: Talaash(2012)

Chords for Jee le zara
Movie/Film: Talaash(2012)
Music: Ram Sampath
Lyricist: Javed Akhtar

(C)Main hun gum sum, (G)tu bhi khamosh hain
(C)Sach hai samay ka (G)hi sab dos hai
(F)dhadkan dhadkan (G)ek gum rahta hai
(F)wo jaane tu fir bhi (G)dil kahta hai
(C)jee le zara (G)jee le zara
(C)kahta hai dil, (G)jee le zara

(F)Aye hamsa(G)far aye (F)humnawaab
(F)Aa pass aa(G) jee le (Fmaj7)zara
(C)hain zindagi,(G)mana dard bhari
(F)Phir bhi ismein (G)ye rahat (Am)bhi hai
(C)Main hun tera wo, (G)tu hai meri
(F)yun hi rahe (G)hum, ye chaahat (Am)bhi hai

(F)Phir dil se dil ke
(G)pull kyon tuttey hai
(F)kyun hum jeene se
(G)itne roothte hain
(F)Aa dil ke darwaaje (G)hum kholein
(F)hoo, aa hum dono jee (G)bhar k rolein
(C)jee le zara (G)jee le zara
(C)Kahta hai dil, (G)jee le zara
(F)Aye hum(G)safar aye (Fmaj7)humnawaab
(F)aa pass (G)aa jee (Fmaj7)le zara

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Chords for uska hi banana: 1920

Song Uska hi banana
Movie/Album: 1920 (2012)
Singer: Arijit Singh

(Cm)Meri kismat ke har ek panne pe
(Fm)mere jeete zee bad marne ke
(G)mere har ek kal har ek (Cm)lamhe pe
(Bb)tu likh de mera (G)use

(Cm)Har kahani mei saare kisso mein
(Fm)Dil ki duniya k sachche rishto mein
(G)zindgani k saare (Cm)hissson mei
(Bb)tu likh de mera (G)use

(Cm)Aye khuuda aye khuda
(G#)jab bana uskaa hi (G)bana

(Cm)Uska hun us(Fm)me hoon usse hun (Gm)usi ka rah(Cm)ne de
(Cmmain to pyasa hun hai (Fm)dariya wo jariya wo (Gm)jeene ka (Cm)mere
(Cm)mujhe ghar de, (Fm)gali de shaher de,usi (Gm)k naam (Cm)ke
(Cm)kadam ye (Fm)chalein ye rukein ab usi (Gm)ke (Cm)waaste

(Gm)Dil mujhe de (G#)agar, (Gm)dard de uska(Cm) par
(Gm)uski ho wo (G#)hasin, (Gm)gunje jo mera (Cm)ghar
(Cm)Aye khuuda aye khuda
(G#)jab bana uskaa hi (G)bana

Monday, November 26, 2012

Major scale simple theory: C major scale

Dear All,
Let us discuss most important and basic scale Major scale.
Twelfth Note Theory, In our guitar there are so many keys or notes. Each note comes again after 11 Notes with one octave more frequency. I mean each 12th notes in guitar has the same sound but with a high frequency (high pitch). 13th notes has an octave difference in frequency.
Notes are named in an order from C---> C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C(12th from C).
Major Scale is a combination of 7 notes with fixed intervals. These intervals are 1,1,0,1,1,1,0 . It can clearly understand with this given image. Interval notes also writen on right side of two adjacent notes.

As this major scale has started from note C, hence it is called C Major scale. So a typical C Major scale contains the notes
C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C(next octave C)
Do remember intervals 1101110, for a major scale.
Practice a mojor scale starting from any note in any string.
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